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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Posted by: Jim
Not since the last power outage about one month ago has one of the blogging services been online. I was testing the myblogsky.com service out for about four months when all of a sudden when Myspace.com went down because of a power outage and the myblogsky.com service also went down. There were many individual blogs at myblogsky.com. The Life And Times blog url was located at jimwest.myblogsky.com. However, the service never came back online and the only thing that shows up is an Index of parent directory, dated 08-Jul-2006 01:13. Fortunately I made a backup of the posts and will be re-posting them here.

I was wondering if anyone else has a story to tell about this particular blogging service. What is the scoop. Are they ever going to come back online?

I ended up porting the template to the blogger.com service. This took a little bit of work and there are still a few issues with the template that I need to adjust, but for the most part it functions the way I intended it to.

Here is what Google currently has stored for myblogsky.com. There are approximately 12,900 pages from the site in the cache.


If you would like to try to recover any of your posts, you might want to look at the Google Cache of your particular blog. For example: Google has stored in their database jimwest.myblogsky.com By simply doing a search using the following syntax: site:jimwest.myblogsky.com you can view everything that Google has stored for that particular site. Then simply click on the cache link and you can copy the information directly from the display. Not sure how long the cache will remain but if you can get to it now, save the text in notepad for each posting. Then once a new blog is created simply re-post the information. Some of the pictures that are posted in the blog postings will also display if the pictures are hosted elsewhere. If they were uploaded to myblogsky.com, you may be out of luck.

Good luck on your recovery.

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posted by Jim Warholic @ 12:31 AM,


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