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Super Glue With Internet SuprGlu - Permanent Link
Thursday, August 10, 2006

Posted by: Jim
Internet Super Glue - aka SuprGlu

Do you spend a lot of time on the Internet? Do you have a number of favorite places to visit Online? Are there a large number of Blogs in your Blogosphere World? Whould you like the news all in one place?

Now, there are more ways to stay on top of new articles, all in one place, as new articles are published online. RSS and Atom XML feeds have been around for awhile. News Readers such as Google Reader provide an online software to allow you to subscribe to unlimited XML feeds and read them whenever you desire. Google Reader has a great interface for being able to subscribe to new feeds and it is tied into your online Google Gmail account.

Other Creative Ways of Keeping Up With Life And Times

SuprGlu - SuprGlu is a type of Super Glue for the Internet. It is a type of  permanent Online reader with a Blogging style to it. Essentially you create a free online account and subscribe to different feeds. Then as a website with an XML feed, newsfeeds, or blogs ares updated, the new postings come into a users SuprGlu area, formated in a customized format. SuprGlu has a large number of built in templates that can be changed on the fly. One of the really cool features about this is readers can publish comments right on your SuprGlu place. You could share your place with a select small group of people or make it a public place for anyone to comment on any article that is published online. Check out jimwest.suprglu.com for an idea of what can be done with this powerful online program. Stay up to date with Life And Times XML Feed. Add it to your SuprGlu account; and while your at it feel free to add some of our other Internet Marketing XML Feeds that are published online.

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The Branding Iron - Permanent Link
Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Posted by: Jim
Times are a Changing.

In the Wild Wild West days of yesteryear and still today we have a branding mark that gets burnt on the side of cattle to represent who they belong to. Well, in much the same way cattle are branded, companies are branded on the Internet by the Search Engines. There are many business factors including: Internet marketing, online advertising, web branding, and ethical search engine optimization techniques you can do to change and improve your brand image.

Many companies are sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing to improve their brand images. Many large corporations as well as Small Businesses, I would have to say, do not pay attention to how their websites show up in the search engine results pages. If some of the Presidents and CEOs of these large organizations were to look closely at their own companies, through the eyes of the search engines, I think they would see their company's brand image in a totally different light.

The Internet is here to stay. The impact the Internet has on B2B and B2C commerce can not be denied nor can it be understated. Consumers are flocking to the Internet to verify best pricing on products, find sources for services, direct purchasing from websites, evaluating new software products, shopping for cars, and even shopping for homes online. Businesses are having their purchasing managers, buyers, and engineers search the Internet for OEM suppliers, products, and services. Yes, no matter if a business is considered B2B, Business to business or B2C, Business to consumer, the impact the search engines have on Corporations or Small Businesses brands and sales is immense.

Evaluating Brand Image Online

The process of evaluating the brand image is not difficult. It is rather easy to look at the Search Engine results and determine if the displayed snippet from the website is a good brand image or not. It is important to understand a company's target market along with proper insight into what marketing strategies would like to be accomplished online. The difficult part is improving the brand image over the long haul. Search Engines continually update and improve their algorithms which can result in displaying the B2B or B2C website in the search engine results in a different light. It takes vigilance from someone that understands how the interaction between the various website html components affects the various snippets of information that are displayed in the search results.

As the brand is evaluated online it is necessary to tweak the Brand Image whenever required. Sometimes simply viewing the snippet of information from the business website in the search engine results is enough of a hint to make minor changes to the web page for improving the results. Other times it will require extensive redesign of the pages or the entire site to help improve the branding results in the search engines.

For more information on branding visit Branding Matters. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, with information about B2B and B2C Internet marketing, online
advertising, web branding, privacy, ethics on the Internet, search engine optimization, technology, and more. Read the online newsletter: Does Branding Matter To Your Business?

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The MyBlogsky Story - Permanent Link
Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Posted by: Jim
Not since the last power outage about one month ago has one of the blogging services been online. I was testing the myblogsky.com service out for about four months when all of a sudden when Myspace.com went down because of a power outage and the myblogsky.com service also went down. There were many individual blogs at myblogsky.com. The Life And Times blog url was located at jimwest.myblogsky.com. However, the service never came back online and the only thing that shows up is an Index of parent directory, dated 08-Jul-2006 01:13. Fortunately I made a backup of the posts and will be re-posting them here.

I was wondering if anyone else has a story to tell about this particular blogging service. What is the scoop. Are they ever going to come back online?

I ended up porting the template to the blogger.com service. This took a little bit of work and there are still a few issues with the template that I need to adjust, but for the most part it functions the way I intended it to.

Here is what Google currently has stored for myblogsky.com. There are approximately 12,900 pages from the site in the cache.


If you would like to try to recover any of your posts, you might want to look at the Google Cache of your particular blog. For example: Google has stored in their database jimwest.myblogsky.com By simply doing a search using the following syntax: site:jimwest.myblogsky.com you can view everything that Google has stored for that particular site. Then simply click on the cache link and you can copy the information directly from the display. Not sure how long the cache will remain but if you can get to it now, save the text in notepad for each posting. Then once a new blog is created simply re-post the information. Some of the pictures that are posted in the blog postings will also display if the pictures are hosted elsewhere. If they were uploaded to myblogsky.com, you may be out of luck.

Good luck on your recovery.

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Writing Effective Online Ads - Permanent Link
Monday, August 07, 2006

Posted by: Jim
Creating a Good Banner Ad

In the Online world writing ads is only half the battle. Designing a good banner ad can be a time consuming job.

Considerations of what the message is, the subject matter, understanding of the target audience, what needs to be said in the ad, color schemes, fonts, graphics, and how it should be laid out and displayed are all important considerations for an effective advertisement. There has to be a good balance between getting the attention of a person, rather than irritating a website visitor with an excessive amount of motion in the ads themselves.

Some websites go overboard on the amount of Flash in Online Ads. The amount of repetition movements, or repeated text displays in a GIF animation file, for an effective online advertisement can be limited to three to five reps, depending on the

Sometimes, the advertisement develops into an ongoing process, whereby the ad itself has to go through many rewrites before it is acceptable. I am reminded of the Go Daddy Girl story about how Bob Parsons and the Go Daddy company had to go through
many rewrites of their television commercial for the Super Bowl. They ended up going through a dozen or more takes, with different ideas, storylines, and actual advertisements before the Network would allow their commercial to run at the Super Bowl.

For more information about online advertising visit http://advertising.pwebs.net

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Welcome to Life and Times - Permanent Link

Posted by: Jim
We certainly live in interesting times.

The times are changing faster than anyone can stay on top of. With the
power of the Internet, technology, and software; people can communicate
like never before. Staying on Top of the Internet is key for B2B, B2C, and C2C businesses today. There is one caveat in
all of this Internet technology. It still comes down to the power of the written word.

We have all heard the commercial that states, "The power is in the
words you use." Well, that is more true today then ever before.

There are wonderful and imaginative websites that really have a lot of
creativity built into them, but are lacking in the branded message
being portrayed. Simply put, the marketing and advertising message is
lost in the graphics of the website. Companies spend thousands of
dollars to look pretty on the Web but no one can find them. Graphic
artists can manipulate Photoshop and Flash programs like it is the back
of their hands, but they have not been taught the number one rule on
the Internet.

Be Found Online

Yes, that is the number one Internet rule, to be found online.

For more information on this Internet rule visit: blog.pwebs.net/marketing.htm

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