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Super Glue With Internet SuprGlu - Permanent Link
Thursday, August 10, 2006

Posted by: Jim
Internet Super Glue - aka SuprGlu

Do you spend a lot of time on the Internet? Do you have a number of favorite places to visit Online? Are there a large number of Blogs in your Blogosphere World? Whould you like the news all in one place?

Now, there are more ways to stay on top of new articles, all in one place, as new articles are published online. RSS and Atom XML feeds have been around for awhile. News Readers such as Google Reader provide an online software to allow you to subscribe to unlimited XML feeds and read them whenever you desire. Google Reader has a great interface for being able to subscribe to new feeds and it is tied into your online Google Gmail account.

Other Creative Ways of Keeping Up With Life And Times

SuprGlu - SuprGlu is a type of Super Glue for the Internet. It is a type of  permanent Online reader with a Blogging style to it. Essentially you create a free online account and subscribe to different feeds. Then as a website with an XML feed, newsfeeds, or blogs ares updated, the new postings come into a users SuprGlu area, formated in a customized format. SuprGlu has a large number of built in templates that can be changed on the fly. One of the really cool features about this is readers can publish comments right on your SuprGlu place. You could share your place with a select small group of people or make it a public place for anyone to comment on any article that is published online. Check out jimwest.suprglu.com for an idea of what can be done with this powerful online program. Stay up to date with Life And Times XML Feed. Add it to your SuprGlu account; and while your at it feel free to add some of our other Internet Marketing XML Feeds that are published online.

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