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Monday, September 25, 2006

Posted by: Jim
40 Million Americans Use The Internet To Hang Out Or Have Fun Every Day

According to the:


On any given day, about 40 million internet users go online just for fun
or to pass the time.

The internet is increasingly a place where Americans just hang out. Surfing the Web has become one of the most popular activities that internet users will do online on a typical day. Some 30% of internet users go online on any given day for no particular reason, just for fun or to pass the time. PDF

It should come as no surprise that the Internet is used for fun. With the proliferation of videos, bloggers, news providers, gamers, and social networks such as MySpace, is it any wonder that we are spending more hours online just to have fun? Broadband users are much more likely to go on the Internet to have fun as compared to their dial-up counterparts.

Instead of going down to the local neighborhood corner to hang out, we now have our young and old people hanging out online. I guess this is the new "Happy Days."

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