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Donora Harley-Davidson Dealership: A Piece of Hog History - Permanent Link
Monday, October 22, 2007

Posted by: Jim

Harley-Davidson Dealership Donora, PADonora, PA - Harley-Davidson Dealership

The second family owned Harley-Davidson Dealership in the United States was in Donora, Pa. The first one, I am told was in San Francisco, CA.

The Harley-Davidson historical site is located at 1380 Meldon Ave, Donora, PA 15033.

Below is a picture of James Cerini at the front of the original shop. James Cerini recently purchased the original building, with plans to make the old historical building into a Harley Davidson museum. The outside of the building still has the familiar Harley-Davidson signage, with a bench in front that reads, "84 Years Of Friendly Service." The inside of the shop has numerous historical pictures, original cabinets, glass display cases, shelves, emblems, and parts bins. The floor is original wood, oil soaked, that is worn from years of foot traffic and motorcycles.

The shop area has tools strewn about, with a frame of a motorcycle in the middle of the floor, next to a hoist for lifting. The Service Department doors still look of years gone by. If only the walls could talk, I am sure there are thousands of stories about the old shop. James told me when I visited him, "Excuse the mess, I just purchased the place and there is much cleanup needed. Everything as you see it, is pretty much how it was left." Even though the shop was cluttered, the ambiance was perfect and took me back in time. With some cleanup, it will make a memorable site. I can picture James giving a tour, with him telling the stories from behind the counter.

James had numerous stories about the pictures on the walls, with some of the earliest ones going back to the early days when the shop was first opened back in 1920, when two Italian immigrants, Ernest and Olivia Cerini opened the Harley-Davidson shop in a small schoolhouse in Donora, PA.

I am not a Harley-Davidson owner, but I know several of my friends that are, and I am sure they, and tens of thousands of other Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners and enthusiasts, would love to visit and relive a piece of Harley-Davidson history.

So, next time when you are in Southwestern Pennsylvania, lookup James Cerini, and get a tour of the old Harley-Davidson Dealership in Donora.

Harley-Davidson Donora James Cerini
Harley-Davidson Donora
84 Years Of Friendly Service
Harley-Davidson Donora PA
Harley-Davidson Service Department
Harley-Davidson Shop Donora
Harley-Davidson James Cerini Inside Shop
Early Harley-Davidson Sidecars Motorcycles
Early Group of Harley Davidson Riders
1928 Harley Davidson Dealers Sales School
Early Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Donora PA

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The new Cerini Harley-Davidson Buell Dealership is located at 4325 State Route 51, North Rostraver, PA 15012, and is owned by James Cerini's cousins, Eric and Ernest R. Cerini.

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Donora Before and After Clean Air Standards - Permanent Link
Monday, August 06, 2007

Posted by: Jim
What's the Life and Times About?

Well, this reminds me of my days growing up in rural Pennsylvania, just outside Donora, PA. Although the picture presented at the top of the page is not exactly like anything of a farm house seen back in Southwestern Pennsylvania, the image still brings back the thoughts of the homestead.

I was born a decade after the Donora tragedy that sparked today's clean air standards laws.

What Happened in Donora

Beginning the week of October 23rd, 1948, Donora and the entire Pittsburgh area were experiencing foggy weather. A weather phenomenon called an inversion, in which a warm air mass traps cold air near the ground, had also set in over Donora. The inversion contributed to a deadly smog which lingered over Donora from October 28th through the 31st, containing extraordinarily high levels of sulfur dioxide, soluble sulfates, and fluorides. According to the PA Bureau of Industrial Hygiene, such contamination of the atmosphere was caused by a combination of the zinc smelting plant, steel mills' open hearth furnaces, a sulphuric acid plant, slag dump, and coal burning steam locomotives and river boats. The inversion helped to keep the pollutants close to the ground where people inhaled them. At least 17 people were killed within a 24-hour period, and nearly half the population of Donora experienced varying degrees of illness, such as sore throats, irritation of the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract, headaches, breathlessness, vomiting and nausea. Another 50 residents would perish over the course of the next month from lingering health damage.

by Rachel Filippini, GASP Executive Assistant
Group Against Smog and Polution

Here is another article concerning the fluoride fog cloud that had formed because of the temperature inversion.

The "Donora Death Fog"

Horror visited the US Steel company-town of Donora on Halloween night, 1948, when a temperature inversion descended on the town. Fumes from US Steel's smelting plants blanketed the town for four days, and crept murderously into the citizens' homes. If the smog had lasted another evening "the casualty list would have been 1,000 instead of 20," said local doctor William Rongaus at the time. Later investigations by Rongaus and others indicated that one-third of the town's 14,000 residents were affected by the smog. Hundreds of residents were evacuated or hospitalized. A decade later, Donora's mortality rate remained significantly higher than neighboring areas.

The "Donora Death Fog", as it became known, spawned numerous angry lawsuits and the first calls for national legislation to protect the public from industrial air pollution.

A PHS report released in 1949 reported that "no single substance" was responsible for the Donora deaths and laid major blame for the tragedy on the temperature inversion. But according to industry consultant Philip Sadtler, in an interview taped shortly before his 1996 death, that report was a whitewash. "It was murder," said Sadtler about Donora. "The directors of US Steel should have gone to jail for killing people." Sadtler charged that the PHS report helped US Steel escape liability for the deaths and spared a host of fluoride- emitting industries the expense of having to control their toxic emissions. (A class-action lawsuit by Donora victims families was later settled out of court.)

This article appears in the Fall 1998 Earth Island Journal
by Chris Bryson
See the story at www.fluoridation.com

So, it is wise to remember the past, so we can make positive changes for our future good.



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Americans Love The Internet - Permanent Link
Monday, September 25, 2006

Posted by: Jim
40 Million Americans Use The Internet To Hang Out Or Have Fun Every Day

According to the:


On any given day, about 40 million internet users go online just for fun
or to pass the time.

The internet is increasingly a place where Americans just hang out. Surfing the Web has become one of the most popular activities that internet users will do online on a typical day. Some 30% of internet users go online on any given day for no particular reason, just for fun or to pass the time. PDF

It should come as no surprise that the Internet is used for fun. With the proliferation of videos, bloggers, news providers, gamers, and social networks such as MySpace, is it any wonder that we are spending more hours online just to have fun? Broadband users are much more likely to go on the Internet to have fun as compared to their dial-up counterparts.

Instead of going down to the local neighborhood corner to hang out, we now have our young and old people hanging out online. I guess this is the new "Happy Days."

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